Sunday, July 13, 2014

DIY Gift #2: Flower Pot

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to stop by and share some easy DIY gift ideas.

First, I created this frame with craft stuff I had around the house. I had bought the unfinished frame the last time we ventured to Winnipeg and went to Michaels. I am pretty positive Walmart carries them now too. I wanted to make a personalized frame for Matthew for his first Father's Day and this is what I created:

I painted the frame a teal colour. I was going to cut the letters out with my Cricut, but I was whipping this together while Bryar and her dad were having a nap, so I decided to use some of the Thickers I had. I laid them out on a piece of paper before sticking them to the frame, so I could get the placement centered. I then glued them on with Scotch glue, so that I could make sure that they would stay put. I then added some plastic and paper buttons that I had and glued them on too. I though the frame looked a little plain and unbalanced so I doodled around the outside with a sharpie.

I think this would be an easy gift to whip up for someone. You could change the words on the bottom to say whatever you wanted, even personalize with a name.

The second DIY gift idea was inspired by Pinterest. I used stuff I had around the house again. I came across this pin that showed a painted flower pot that said "Thanks for Helping Me Grow." I was making this for a co-worker, who is an Early Childhood Educator like myself, so I changed the saying to "ECEs help children grow." Again I think this could be personalized to whomever you were wanting to make this for, "Grandparents help grandchildren grow" or "Mom/Dad helps us grow" etc. I shared photos of how I created this step by step on my YouTube channel. I will link videos for both gifts below.

DIY Gift Videos:

So, thanks for stopping by, hopefully these gave you some easy and inexpensive gift ideas. I hope you have a great day! :)